Small Animals


Small animals---rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs---make wonderful pets when cared for properly. 



 Fish make unique pets for many different reasons when compared to a small mammal, canine, or kitty. The most obvious difference is their care is limited to their bowl or tank (they don't need daily potty walks).  



 Pet birds make delightful companion pets. They are known to be highly social, intelligent, and fun when interacting, especially the types of birds who are able to mimic the sound of a human talking.  

Hermit Crabs


Hermit crabs live globally in the wild. Depending on the species, they are both aquatic and terrestrial, and can be found on land, in water, and near water all around the world.  

Adoption Events


Dogs and cats are surrendered every day for different reasons, often overwhelming local shelters committed to finding them a new home. To help be part of the solution, we regularly host adoption events at our store