Rabbits are active and affectionate pets who enjoy being petted. Some rabbits follow their owner and like their hand like a dog! They play by running around a room and will amuse you with their leaping and twisting antics. Because they are so active, they need at least an hour a day out of their enclosure to play. Rabbit lovers are welcome to admire our bunnies in their "pet-friendly" homes in the store, while serious buyers will appreciate a more in-depth dialogue with one of our animal experts to help prepare for the transition. 

As available, we have:

  • American Dutch Rabbits 
  • Lionhead Rabbits
  • Lop Eared Rabbits 
  • Holland Lop Rabbits 
  • Dwarf Rabbits

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are popular pets because of their friendly and docile nature, their hardiness, and they are reasonably easy to maintain. They are known for making a variety of fun noises when excited (chatters, whines, squeals, chirps, whistles, purrs, screams) and sometimes ham it up with a performance called popcorning (small, rapid hops in the air). They are able to bond well over time with humans, often revealing their snuggly, affectionate side. Domesticated guinea pigs enjoy a sense of community and thrive in groups of two or more. Stop by the store today to meet one of America's most cherished rodents! 

As available, we have:

  • Tricolor, Short- and Long-Haired Guinea Pigs
  • Abyssinian Guinea Pigs
  • American Guinea Pigs
  • Silkie Guinea Pigs
  • Merino Guinea Pigs
  • Crested Guinea Pigs
  • Coronet Guinea Pigs
  • Texel Guinea Pigs


Hedgehogs are adorable little creatures with a lot of potential to recognize their owners, as well as be quite sociable, curious, and interactive. However, hedgehogs are not for everyone. While their prickly quills do not shoot, handing a hedgehog takes some getting use to. They are nocturnal, often running on their solid floored wheel for miles while the sun is down. They have a need to burrow and dig, as well as play and have daily interaction with people to keep them socialized. Although they are a little high maintenance, owners of hedgehogs share how earning the affection of a hedgehog is very rewarding and that the "adorbs" factor is worth the time, care, and attention for them to thrive. 


In order to ensure that our rabbits and guinea pigs are provided with enough space to thrive 

for their entire lifespan, all go home with the additional purchase of an appropriate sized cage 

(ask us about our starter kits). Unfortunately, this is a "no exceptions" policy. 

Please know that we greatly appreciate your understanding, support, and cooperation.