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Hermit Crabs

 Hermit crabs live globally in the wild. Depending on the species, they are both aquatic and terrestrial, and can be found on land, in water, and near water all around the world. Hermit crabs make great pets, especially for children, because they are easy to maintain. It's important to keep track of their need for a bigger shell to protect their soft abdomens (the part that gets curled-up inside the shell) as they grow over time --- the right size shell is important for their comfort and, therefore, their quality of life. Hermit crabs love to climb and explore, thrive in a small community of other hermit crabs, and (believe it or not) have their different preferences and personalities. Visit us today and meet one of our many charming hermit crabs up close and personal!

As available, we have:

  • Large, medium, small crabs
  • Large, medium, small shells
  • Painted and natural shells