Fish make unique pets for many different reasons when compared to a small mammal, canine, or kitty. The most obvious difference is their care is limited to their bowl or tank (they don't need daily potty walks). They don't bark, hiss, claw, puke, or get into anything in the house. This doesn't mean fish can't be entertaining --- in fact, fish learn to recognize their owners, as well as interact. Believe it or not, fish can also be trained to do small tricks! What fish owners appreciate most --- between the color, movement, and quantity of fish, as well as how elaborate the aquarium or even a pond is decorated --- is the calming effect they offer the observer. Be sure to check out our comets, fantails, suckers, koi, betta (and more!) the next time you stop by.

As available, we have:

  • Bettas
  • Goldfish
  • Pond fish (seasonal)
  • Tropical