Why We're Different

We Are The Champions (literally)

The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that the motivation behind having dog shows is to protect the current and future breeding practices. This means the expertise required to maintain AKC standards at dog shows for each breed is extensive (nutrition, skin, coat, eyes, teeth, ears, bone structure, temperament, general health). While deeply committed to several adoption and rescue organizations for many different breeds, Lee and Mark have personally bred over 35 champions, qualifying them as a trend setter to standards of animal health and wellness care.

Being surrounded by and having access to the best of the best since 1972, as well as being a current AKC Breeder Of Merit themselves, has elevated Lee and Mark to expert status. Our customers who are dog owners, therefore, benefit from our breed specific approach to problem solving. Naturally, the high standards learned in the professional dog show and dog breeding world, as well as Lee and Mark’s strong work ethic and passion for all animals (including their personal troop of dogs, goats, miniature donkeys, and birds at home), influenced their level of expertise with birds, small animals, reptiles, and fish, which trickles down to staff and benefits every customer.

We Are Picky (wholeheartedly)

 We are painstaking about how we choose vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers. We focus on the company's reputation, background, expertise, and the "what, how, and where" of ingredients in food products. 

Yes, this may reduce our inventory in comparison with big-box stores. Yet it also means we wholeheartedly strive to only sell quality products with ethical business practices, taking the guesswork out of the big picture for our customers. 

Our relationships with most of our suppliers are like family, making them just a phone call away.

We Are Unique (seriously)

We are a family operated small business with a strong focus on relationships with the local community and the health and wellness of their beloved pets since 1975.

Our decades of collective and diverse, hands-on experience in multiple areas related to animal health and wellness (including veterinary studies and class curriculum) drive our products, service, and staff training.

We encourage you to ask us questions to be certain you are getting what you really need. If one of our animal experts does not know the answer, we will have one of the store co-owners contact you directly to answer any questions.

Customer service is very important to us. We aren’t perfect, but we genuinely care about your shopping experience and, more importantly, the health and wellness of your pet.   

We Are American (faithfully)

Our inventory of products is American sourced as much as possible.

In fact, Lee and Mark have spent an enormous amount of time over the years researching the business practices of our suppliers, interviewing them, and exhausting, as best we can, any iota of a possibility that we are contributing to anything that will compromise the health and wellness of your pet.

Maintaining this standard is simply another day at the office for us! 

Our Story

Behind the website of this hometown pet store are the hearts and spirits of its co-owners, Lee Morris ("Ma") and Mark Young ("Pa").  

Our pet store story begins in 1972 when Lee was introduced to the world of dog shows while working as a kennel assistant for a professional dog trainer and dog show handler in Anne Arundel County. From the very first show she attended, Lee was captivated by the magnificent beauty of the various breeds and in awe of the wealth of expert handlers who cared for them. It was then she began to develop what are now All For The Pet’s high standards of care for animals.  

Lee quickly realized how complementary dog grooming is to dog show preparation and opened our first shop, All For The Dog,  in 1975 offering dog grooming services and a selection of dog food and dog supplies (dog treats, dog toys, dog leashes, dog collars). Influenced by her hands-on experience with many of the nation’s elite show dogs, Lee fell in love with Boxers and began breeding them in 1978. Meanwhile, our dog grooming shop expanded its inventory to include cat grooming services and a selection of cat food and cat supplies (cat treats, cat toys, kitty litter).  

Over the years, our passion for all animals persisted and motivated us to expand into a full-line pet store (birds, fish, reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and supplies) in 1984 when we officially changed the pet store name to All For The Pet. Lee and Mark have expanded All For The Pet twice since 1998 to include minor medicinal and preventive health products (supplements, oral care, homeopathic and antiseptic), unique small mammals (guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs) and supplies (hay, bedding, food), grooming supplies (brushes, shampoos, diaper garments), and more!

Our dog grooming and cat grooming services now include nail clipping for small mammals, while other services include self-serve dog washing station, as well as boarding (rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, fish). We also partner with local organizations to support homeless animals, host seminars and events for public education and recreation, and are members of several professional associations. 

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